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Michael “Chikuzen” Gould, master Shakuhachi performer and teacher, Profile/Bio

Michael Chikuzen Gould studied the Shakuhachi (Zen Bamboo flute) in Japan for 15 years under renowned masters Mr. Yokoyam Katsuya and Mr. Taniguchi Yoshinobu. He earned the title of Dai-Shihan or Grand Master in 1995. He returned in 1998 to teach at wittenberg University and the University of Michigan. Gould is currently based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio where he teaches privately when he’s not touring. Gould has published several Cds and instructional books for teaching shakuhachi. On his latest Cd he is accompanied by Buddhist Shomyo chanting. He has toured extensively in the U.S. and Japan, and is currently teaming up with Chieko and Kuniyasu Iwazaki for a two week concert tour. 

About Lessons: Chikuzen Studios offers individual shakuhachi lessons and occasionally sponsors workshops and retreats. For details about the types of lessons offered, see:

Lessons via Webcam,  Private Home Studio Lessons,  Bed & Breakfast Home Intensive Study, Camps or Retreats

Beginners as well as experienced players are welcome. 

Contact Michael Chikuzen Gould to arrange a lesson or get further information.




David Kansuke Wheeler, musician and ethnomusicologist, entered the tutelage of shakuhachi master Junsuke Kawase III in 1977. He received his M.A. in musicology from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music in 1985. Since 1982 he has been performing, teaching, lecturing and writing about shakuhachi and Japanese music both in Japan and the US. David specializes in the classical tradition but performance activities cover the full range of music today from Japanese to Western and classical to the avant garde. David was one of the main organizers of World Shakuhachi Festival 1998 and presently resides and teaches in Colorado while maintaining an active touring schedule playing locally as well as abroad.

Contact Info: shakudavid@gmail.com


nyogetsu portrait

Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin

Anyone with inquiries concerning the shakuhachi is invited to call him at (917-207-6724) or email: nyogetsu@gmail.com 

   Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin studied Shakuhachi in Kyoto, Japan with Kurahashi Yodo Sensei, who was a disciple of Jin Nyodo. There in 1975, he received the name Nyogetsu and a teaching certificate at the level of Jun Shihan in the Kinko school of shakuhachi. 

Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin is the head of the largest and most active shakuhachi Dojo in the world outside of Japan (Ki Sui An Shakuhachi Dojo). Nyogetsu has been teaching Shakuhachi full time since 1975.

    Study methods: here are many different options for studying at the Ki Sui An Shakuhachi Dojo.

Online Mp3, Skype Video or Cassette Lessons:

Mr. Seldin started teaching via cassette in 1976, and it has proven quite successful for those Shakuhachi students who live far from New York City. At present he teaches students by cassette or computer in 6 countries and 27 states. For more information on this method please contact Mr. Seldin.

Weekly Lessons:

Although this is the best way to study the Shakuhachi, it is not an alternative which is available to everybody. This is the method of instruction used in the New York City Dojo and Up State New York.

Monthly Lessons:

This method of teaching is available in the Philadelphia, Baltimore, Rochester and Syracuse Dojos. If there are enough students that are interested, this type of teaching format can be begun anywhere else.


There are many Intensives held every year at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, Zen Mountain Monastery, and Fire-Lotus Zendo, all located in New York State. There are additional intensives in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Rochester, and Mexico. In addition, either one-day or weekend intensives can be arranged anywhere if there is sufficient in    



Alcvin Ramos

In November of 2008, Alcvin received an honourary Dai Shihan license along with a new name, “Ryuzen” (Dragon Meditation) from another one of Japan’s greatest players and teachers, Yoshinobu Taniguchi. Previously known as Alcvin “Takegawa” Ramos, Ramos replaced “Takegawa” with “Ryuzen” to embrace the new stage of his development. Ramos is the first Canadian and first one of Filipino descent, and one of only a handful of non-Japanese, to receive this esteemed honour. Alcvin has also studied shakuhachi construction techniques with Shugetsu Yamaguchi, Murai Eigoro, Kinya Sogawa, and John Kaizan Neptune.

12888 Stone Road, Madeira Park

British Columbia, CANADA. V0N 2H1

e-mail : ryu.zen18@gmail.com

Skype ID: ryuzen18

Telephone #: 1 604 883 2023

Private Lessons

In 2003 Alcvin opened the Bamboo-In Retreat Centre on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. In addition to teaching from his home at Bamboo-In, Alcvin teaches privately on selected days in downtown Vancouver. Alcvin also makes occasional visits to beautiful Victoria to teach as well. Please check his schedule for times and locations.

All lessons are $50 for one hour.

Internet Lessons

    For those too far to access a teacher, Alcvin also offers shakuhachi lessons over the internet. In order to proceed with on-line lessons you must have an internet-operational video camera and microphone. Most laptops and computers these days are equipped with both. Skype is an excellent platform to do lessons with. To consult with Alcvin about lesson time arrangement and payment, please email ryu.zen18@gmail.com.

Group Lessons

    Alcvin also offers group classes at designated places and times. A “shakuhachi foundations” class is offered where shakuhachi basic techniques and basic exercises are focused on for one hour. We examine in detail the fundamental mechanics of playing. Once a month a “honkyoku intensive” class is offered, focusing on one particular piece in the ancient original Zen Buddhist repertoire of the shakuhachi. An ensemble class is also offered to give students the opportunity to work together on modern repertoire from Japan and around the world. Contact Alcvin at ryu.zen18@gmail.com for details.

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