Getting Started

An Overview Of What You’re Getting Yourself into!

What are these pages focued on? This site and these pages are about the Japanese Shakuhachi, end blown flute, five finger holes that are tuned to a pentatonic scale.

There are many other end blown and transverse flutes out there. Some are referred to as a “shakuhachi” flute, or have some simalarities as the shakuhachi but this site is about the classical Japanese Shakuhachi. This site is also focused on playing the shakuhachi stylistly in a Japanese fashion and learning the Japanese notation.

Before you go further down the rabbit hole, you should be pre-warned playing that shakuhachi is going to be difficult. It’s going to take many hours, months and maybe even years to become proficient.  Yet if you put yourself to it, practice often and get some good instruction those year could be filled with many great memories.

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Beyond learning how to make sounds from you shakuhachi there’s another wonderful aspect of the flute, it’s the shakuhachi community. I’ve make many wonderful friendships with other shakuhachi players and teachers. 

If you take advantage of the guidance others in the shakuhachi community, you’ll do well.  Also if you have the opportunity to take lessons from a professional teacher, do it.  It’s especially important to get good instruction as early on in your shakuhachi life as possible. 

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